Today, after just nine months, I decided to abandon my use of Newsgator for reading feeds, in favour of using Bloglines. It's saved me a great deal of time already - Bloglines' aggregated feed pages make it so very much quicker to browse through what's new, rather than having to click through a gazillion* new Outlook messages. The app just behaves intuitively, enabling me to get the job done, absorb what's important to me, take clippings for later follow-up, and get on with something else. Very easy, no messing, and free to boot. Excellent.

Now, I appreciate that this blog has several distinct audiences, so some of you are probably wondering what took me so long (hi Jez!), whilst others are wondering what the heck I'm talking about (hi Mum!). To the former group, I hang my head and confess that whilst Outlook is mighty fine for email communication via Exchange Server, it isn't well suited to the daily reading of dozens of RSS feeds (even with the benefit of search folders). To the latter, you could do worse than check out this BBC News page which explains the benefits of RSS and how to get started consuming them. 

*Jocelyn assures me that this is a real word. In California, at least..