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Beer Advent Calendar – Day Twenty

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many great things that have originated from America – not least of all my good lady wife – but I’ve always thought that “American Beer” is something of an anachronism!  Let’s face it, most beers from across the Altlantic are sorely lacking in flavour, body, bitterness, or, well, anything remotely beerlike.  So, whilst on my search for twenty-four bottled beers for this advent calendar, I was intrigued to find Honker’s Ale from the Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago which describes itself as “a smooth, drinkable English bitter for those drinkers who want more from their beer”.  Well, let’s hope they’re not looking for too much more, as it only comes in a 355ml bottle.  It tastes OK when compared to the likes of Budweiser and Samuel Adams, but it’s not exactly bold or challenging, and the whole experience was over far too quickly.  Not exactly one to savour on a cold winter’s night in Yorkshire, but I can imagine these going down quite well in the sports stadia of Iliinois.

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