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Beer Advent Calendar – Day Six

A return to form today, with the vase of fate serving up a helping of Riggwelter, the Black Sheep Brewery’s delicious 4.7% strong Yorkshire ale.  I could drink this till the cows come home.  Or perhaps that should be the sheep, for (according to the bottle) the name Riggwelter comes from the Old Norse rygg meaning to overturn.  “When a sheep is on its back and cannot get up without help, local dales dialect says it’s rigged or riggwelted.”

Jocelyn says: “That’s cheating, you’ve had that one before, you’re supposed to be trying something new.  I’m not interested”.

She speaks the truth, this isn’t exactly my first Riggwelter.  In fact I’ve taken Joce to visit the brewery in Masham before 🙂

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