Baby Update

So, tomorrow is the day of our twenty-week scan, when we hope to find out the gender of our first progeny. I hope, for Joce's sake, that we get an unambiguous answer or I fear she will be unbearable for the next four and half months, her heart being set on buying the appropriate colour clothing and decorating the nursery in a gender-specific fashion.  More than that, though, I mainly hope that they can reasssure us that the wee lad or lass is still doing fine and developing nicely.

At the weekend we went to an NCT "Nearly New" sale at a York school, which was a far more popular event than we had expected.  I don't think I've ever seen so many middle-class thirty-something females in one place, all vying to get the best bargains.  We arrived too late and without sufficient game plan to happen on any big-ticket bargains but at least we know what to expect for next time, when we'll camp out overnight and sharpen our elbows in preparation!  We did pick up a few things though, including a couple of swaddling blankets for four quid each.  The only previous time I've ever had cause to say the word "swaddling" was when singing Christmas carols about the baby Jesus, I didn't even realise that swaddling was still an "in thing" twenty centuries later, but there you have it.  I'm sure that won't be my last learning experience of 2007.

Later on Saturday we also bought (on the recommendation of a certain Jools Oliver) a Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile One Size Farm Yard, which plays fifteen minutes apiece of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.  I'm quite impressed, it's a neat bit of kit, and I'd quite like a similar one for our bed that offers a choice of Guillemots, Snow Patrol and Sufjan Stevens... and maybe with rotating whisky miniatures instead of the farmyard animals...

Update - Joce points out in the comments that the mobile actually plays fifteen minutes music total, not fifteen minutes of each composer.  Bah!