Aren't Kids Ace?

Up at 0511 with The Boy today.

As I’m watching the news and eating breakfast in the living room, the young scamp keeps turning off the TV, forcing me to get up and turn it back on again.

After four iterations of this game, I’m on my feet turning the telly on, as Benny runs round behind me, and pulls my mug of (fortunately lukewarm) coffee onto the floor. Cue much cursing from yours truly.

I run off to the kitchen to get some tea towels to mop up the mess, and return to find that he’s now decided to pour my breakfast cereal into the mix.  Aaargh!

Follow that up with the usual packed train ride, the idiots at Leeds station who don’t understand the concept of “keeping right” on elevators, the inability of some commuters to fathom the new ticket gates, the long uphill walk to my current consultancy gig, and my own inability to fathom the bizarre “transponder” door-opening system to get into the building, and it has generally been an exhausting morning. And it’s not even 0900 yet.

I need coffee. Which is how this all started..