Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns

People often ask me how my commute is since we moved house. It's pretty good. For one thing it's 33% shorter in raw distance terms, but due to no longer having to battle my way through the centre of York, combined with the benefits of the recent A1 Darrington to Dishforth project, I can get to and from the office pretty quickly on a good day, arriving bright and early for a full day's coding :-)

This shortened journey time means I no longer listen to quite so many podcasts - in fact the only ones I subscribe to now are Hanselminutes, From Our Own Correspondent, and of course Dot Net Rocks.

Now, some Dot Net Rocks episode titles excite me more than others, but I was quite interested when I saw that a recent episode featured Jimmy Nilsson, as I have recently been enjoying reading his book "Applying Domain-Driven Design with Patterns with Examples in C# and .NET". What a shame, then, that this particular episode of DNR was so dull. I realise that DDD and patterns can be a pretty dry topic, and of course one has to remember that English isn't Jimmy's first language, but even so, he could have tried to sound more interested in the subject matter!  I felt that Carl and Richard were straining to tease out interesting thoughts and anecdotes, only to be provided with the shortest of answers to their questions, along the lines of "Yes, I am in agreement with that".

Hey ho. But hey, don't let me put you off buying Jimmy's book, it really is a good read. It draws on two of my other favourite books, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and Domain Driven Design, but also includes sections on Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Service-Oriented Architecture, NHibernate, etc. Plus, as the title says, all the code examples are in C# and .NET (my tools of choice). If you're a .NET developer, and only buy one book this year, make it this one.

Updated 2006-09-14 0932:
Humph. I should learn not to boast about my improved commute - my 33-mile journey took me 130 minutes this morning due to an overturned lorry on the M62. Makes Rosie's Brazilian bus trips seem positively speedy!