Another Weekend, Another Wedding

It sure is the season for matrimony.  This weekend I headed back to my alma mater, the University of Nottingham, for a party held in Ancaster Hall to celebrate the recent marriage of Ant and Mel - congratulations to them both!  It was a fun, relaxed bash, with a most enjoyable barbecue - and once again, the weather stayed fine.  As is customary at such occasions, one wall had been plastered with photos of the bride and groom over the years, and although my face wasn't present in any of the images, I managed to spot my feet!  In a shot of Ant and Mel on the summit of Ben Alder in spring 2000, my begaitered boots were clearly visible encroaching horizontally into the shot - in typical fashion, I had celebrated reaching the summit by having a quick nap :-)

Also, congratulations to Mel on the recent publication of her first book - "Pushchair Paths in the East Midlands".  It really never fails to amaze me what a multi-talented bunch of friends I have.