Another Sign of Maturity

We joined the National Trust yesterday. How grown-up does that make me feel?! I'd like to say that I did this as a purely unselfish act in a desire to support the conservation of Britain's heritage, but really I just became aware that we were going to be spending many weekends trying to entertain The Boy's seemingly insatiable appetite for new sights during 2008, and I wanted to save a bit of brass and claim back some of the cost via Gift Aid. Plus, y'know, how could I resist a free picnic rug? :-)

Beningbrough Hall

So, we went to Beningbrough Hall yesterday, which was all very nice, and we had great fun playing with the interactive exhibits in their portrait gallery, and spending almost £15 in the café on a couple of bowls of damn fine soup, drinks and a pack of crisps.

I do love the opportunities for people-watching at such venues. NT properties seem to attract a certain breed of middle Englander, as exemplified by this brief overheard conversation between two well-spoken girls in their early twenties:

Girl A: "So, was your boyfriend a member of the National Trust before you got together, or was that your doing?"

Girl B: "He was a member before I met him!"

Girl A: "*squeal* Ahh, that's so lovely that you actually met a guy who was into the NT!"