Another Fine Use of Taxpayer's Money

Oh, it makes me feel so eager to pay my income tax, corporation tax, NICS and VAT when I see the HMRC putting the cash to such good use:

"Out-of- the-office brainstorming sessions for tax staff to create a new slogan for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs have cost the department almost £1.5million.

Just two words – HMRC Ambition – emerged after 450 Revenue officials met three times last year, as part of a re-branding exercise, billed to the taxpayer at £1.34m.

Tax staff decided on the two-word moniker after dismissing other re-branding extremities: a ‘pink and fluffy’ logo spelling out ‘Thank you’ to those who paid taxes and an ‘Elite Enforcement’ badge warning tax evaders they would be 'hunted down'."

via Contractor UK