Another Candle

'Free Bar' has to be one of my favourite phrases in the world, and I was determined not to let the opportunity (project Christmas 'do') go to waste. Champagne, champagne, beer, whisky, bottle of wine, whisky, beer... mmmmmm...

Apart from the alcohol, it was a relatively uneventful evening - everybody seemed to fall asleep before they had a chance to cause any real mayhem. I just sat talking crap all evening - unfortunately I did so to someone who was perfectly sober and therefore could spend the next day filling me in on what I had said. Bastard.

The journey home was cool. Four of us crammed into the back seat of a Mondeo, singing "Gold" by Spandau Ballet (for reasons which are unlikely to become clear in the near future). Equally mysteriously, I decided to open one of the rear doors whilst the vehicle was moving, which in retrospect strikes me as being a bit silly. I think I'll lay off the grog for a while..

A puzzle to keep you amused, courtesy of Lexy:

You have 2 lengths of string of non-uniform thickness. Each piece of string takes exactly 1 hour to burn from one end to the other. How do you time 45 minutes?