Anger Is An Energy

As we head towards the end of the year, and those inevitable critical lists of the finest albums that the year has produced, I try to make a particular effort to catch up and listen to the various new records that I haven't played often.  With iTunes, this is easier than ever this year, it's just a matter of setting up a playlist to include music from 2006 with a low play count, and Bob's your uncle.

Well, as a result of this process, my iPod just turned me on to "Living With War", Neil Young's visceral response to the war on terror, and it's really rather good - definitely the best thing he's done in many years.  Being angry evidently brings out the best in old Neil, he's channeled that anger into a superb collection of protest songs that pull no punches ("Let's Impeach the President" being the most obvious example).  And all this from a Canadian!

Definitely highly recommended and a certain entry on my personal list of 2006's best albums.