Actual Work. Wow.

An interesting day at work. In the morning I did less than nothing, but shortly after lunch it became apparent that there were major problems with our newly Y2K compliant version of a high-profile suite of month-end software.

I would love to say that we swiftly rectified all the problems, but even after garnering help from other quarters, we are unlikely to get the suite in ship-shape for this month-end. Luckily, I found a document detailing a back-out procedure to be implemented in case of just such a problem. It is likely to be followed at lunchtime tomorrow!! This is certainly the biggest issue I have faced in the last year, and I'm relishing the challenge and intensity I experienced this afternoon. If only it could be like this more often.

I've been checking my tracker logs, and I see quite a few people hitting this journal on an almost daily basis. Sorry, but I'm often working many miles from my PC during the week, so any site updates tend to take place in bulk at the weekend. Apologies, but that's just how my life is right now - nomadic! If you're getting irritated at returning so often only to find no new musings, I suggest you join the notify list!

The rain continues pretty much unabated. Last night I dreamed that Morky got washed away in floods. Back in rl though, I really do need a nice big coat to protect my clothes as I trek betwixt the Morkster and work each morning and evening. Yeah, winter has begun to get on my nerves already.