It was announced today that the company I work for (medium-sized, British) is being acquired by a large American company who are looking to expand outside North America.   The general consensus among everybody seems to be that this is a good thing (even the most cynical of my colleagues can't see a downside). So we're all off to the NEC tomorrow for a presentation by both sets of management. I've already done some web-based research, and I like the look of my new paymasters (whose name we shall officially adopt on September 1st - exactly one year since I started work here) - they seem to be outperforming the S&P 500 index, and the culture sounds similar to our current ethos.

I guess only time will tell if I am right to be so optimistic, but there are no warning bells sounding at the moment. As far as I can see, the only immediate changes might be a nice new mousemat (and I could do with one of those after the Jack Daniel's incident), and the possibility of some overseas travel. Quoth one of our sales guys earlier today: "Yeah, I think this could open up some exciting possibilities for those of us who have few strings here." So I'm positively giddy.

I got some more journal feedback from friends and acquaintances today, which is sweet and most welcome, given that these pages have only been online a few days:

Just read some of your "fear & loathing in middle England" (cool title by the way) and was mightily impressed and amused by the little anecdotes. Way to go! It's a bit out of date though - 29 July! Slacker!
Ack! It's alive!! Just popped in and took a glance at your journal... So your journey to "somebody-ness" (in contrast to "nobody-ness") has begun. A star is born...