A Year of Flickring

Wow, my Flickr account just expired - has it really been a year already?  Well, it's certainly been one of the best £12.37 I've ever spent online - I hope the 12,992 people who've viewed my photostream over the last year agree!

So, do you want to know which of my photos have been the most viewed and rank as the most "interesting" over the past year?  Perhaps one of my many images of Scottish scenery, or a shot from a foreign trip?  Maybe one of the images from our wedding?  Nope - the most viewed and most interesting pictures are both from a July 2003 trip to Hooters as part of Daffy's stag do!  Sheesh!

My most-viewed photo:

Daffy and the Hooters Girls

My most "interesting" photo:

Max gets some help with his tie