A Weekend Of Barbecues

The party / barbecue last night was good.  I'm always a bit dubious about going along to these events where I hardly know anybody, but I don't know why as I invariably end up having a good time.  Lots of tasty food, lots of laughing and joking, lots of drinking.  At one point the discussion turned to job titles - the geeks amongst us were discussing whether we refer to ourselves as Programmers, IT Consultants, Solution Devlopers, etc.  Dave relayed an anecdote wherein he told a salesman that he was an Analyst / Programmer, but the guy only had a tiny box, so abbreviated this to "Anal Programmer".  Which is probably a fairly accurate description ;-)

Today I woke with a mild hangover and headed to Derby for my niece's first birthday party.  She's really sweet, and everybody had a great time.  Two barbecues in two days - lovely.  Better make the most of it, I guess - this summertime isn't set to last for long.

And that, in a nutshell was my weekend.  Lots of meat, lots of drink, lots of fun.  The antithesis of last weekend really, when I stayed in and geeked out.  Sure, it involved a fair bit of driving, but weekend driving isn't nearly so bad as rush-hour driving (I only saw one crash on the M1...) and it was worth it.