A Mild Case of Hypochondriasis

Woke at 5:30 feeling thirsty - a thirst that has remained with me all day. Hope I'm not diabetic, I couldn't stand all the injections. That's not meant to sound flippant, I really do detest all that stuff. I was the kid at school who fainted when they mentioned needles in the drugs-awareness lessons, and ended up flat on my back throwing up on the one and only occasion I ever had a blood test. I put all this to the back of my mind, and after a pint of milk, go back to my cosy sleeping bag.

Friday. Thank f***. Dress-down day too, and it's someone's birthday so there's choccy and cake. I make an effort to wrap up my work before my week holiday, and I actually get thanked for the mundane crap I've been working on over the last few weeks, which goes some way to making it all seem worthwhile. "Thanks" is such a short word, but hearing it makes me feel like Muttley when he's been given a medal. (hey, a second reference to Dick Dastardly in my journals - uncanny...)

Home by four to face the torrent of junk mail. It really does make me chuckle. There's only so many WWF stickers and RSPB biros that one guy can possibly need? Oh, and then there're the CDs - two from AOL, one from LineOne, and one from Virgin. I would link to them, but I really can't be bothered. Still, my one-year old niece enjoys playing with the CDs, and they come in useful as coasters.

My eyes really shouldn't tremble like this, should they? They've been at it for months now, and the Optrex isn't helping much. I think that eye test is well overdue. Hope I'm not going blind, that would make my job pretty difficult, and it would mean I couldn't see the funky new mouseover features I've just added to these pages especially for users of IE4/5. I think a week away from VDUs is going to do me the world of good.

Smeg, I've just realised that the javascript for that nice month calendar up there will cause the date to revert to 1 September on 1 October, and I'll be in Scotland at the time. Better get patching the code tomorrow, then. Oh, it's 1:12am. Well, I guess I mean later today. Hmm, think I'd better sleep...