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A Generic Sorter For Strongly-Typed Collections

Late last night I was doing some development work on a website for our investment club. I had a strongly-typed collection of "Stock" objects, and wanted to be able to sort them on any parameter (StockName, SharePrice, Volume, MarketCap, etc..) in either descending or ascending order. I didn’t want to have to write a separate comparer for each property. Reflection to the rescue! Below is a GenericSorter class, the use of which allows for the development of a Sort() method on the collection taking as a parameter the name of the property on which to sort. Smart.

Bob’s your uncle.

Update [2006-02-27]: The above class is no match for some much more fully-featured code that was anonymously sent to me earlier this month which allows for sorting on multiple properties to arbitrary depth within the domain object model, using a simple SQL-like syntax. Check it out…

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