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A British Wifey

Today was a proud day indeed. Remember four years ago when I blogged about Jocelyn getting a fiancee visa from the British Consulate in Los Angeles, which paved the way for her to travel to Blighty with the intention of marrying me..?

Fiancee Visa!

Well, since then we’ve turned that fiancee visa into a limited leave visa, and then into a settlement visa. We have spent over £2000 on government fees for these various rubber stamps – outrageously high amounts which resulted in letters being sent to and from the Home Office. Along the way, we got married, moved house, and of course Benjamin came along to change our lives forever (in a good way, of course, Son!).

But I’m proud to report that today Jocelyn collected a certificate of naturalisation from Peter Sowray, Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council, granting her full British Citizenship.

British Wifey

She has already put this dual nationality to good use, by this evening registering to vote in both the UK and the US! Good on ya, wifey!

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