Another good course.  More consultancy skills, meeting behaviour, giving feedback, etc.  All of which would be most useful if my work involved a need for any of these, rather than merely sitting testing obscure applications from the 1970s and getting increasingly frustrated at mainframes.  OK, here's a personal goal - to have left the world of mainframes within 12 months, by hook or by crook.  Far too anachronistic for a 21st Century guy like myself.

Another car crash.  This time on the opposite side of the motorway.  So I grabbed my phone and dialled 999 for the first time in my life.  All very efficient, they only asked me how many vehicles were involved and what my name was.  Suppose they must be used to it - I wish I wasn't becoming more so.  A second personal goal, then - to cut my annual mileage by 25%.