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10 Things That Should Be More Popular

Some days I feel like I’m spitting in the wind. It amazes me that the following ten concepts, websites and applications aren’t more widely used:

  1. RSS Feeds – why waste your time repeatedly trawling dozens of sites looking for new content?  Let it come to you!
  2. Flickr – practically everyone I know has a digital camera, but still relatively few have a Flickr account. Share your photos, don’t keep them unseen on your hard drive!
  3. GMail – by far the most effective web-based email.
  4. FireFox – if only for the tabbed browsing. But really, it’s so much nicer than IE6, and a myriad of different extensions are available.
  5. OneNote – so much better than scraps of paper.
  6. Desktop Search – I don’t care which desktop search program you use, but please install one!  You’ll find it so much easier to find old emails and other files.
  7. – access your bookmarks anywhere, and share them with friends.
  8. ClearType – if you have a flatscreen monitor, you should turn ClearType on. Period.
  9. Virtual PC – there’s no need to test beta software on your main machine, or keep several differently-configured computers around the house any more!
  10. SyncToy – this is a great little app for synchronizing and backing-up folders; it’s really useful for combining media folders, and for synching files with a portable hard drive.

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